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No nipple rubs = slow start

One thing that kinda god drowned out by the Rashad Evans King of Pop crotch grab debate was the fact that Evans didn’t tweak his nipples before the beginning of his fight with Forrest Griffin. I had thought perhaps that Greg Jackson’s team had maybe grown up a little and didn’t want such a retarded superstition to be associated with their camp. But nope, Rashad just plain ol’ forgot:

According to a superstitious teammate, that’s why Evans lost the first two rounds against Griffin. “I didn’t do the nipple tweak,” said the UFC light heavyweight titleholder. “Jardine pointed it out. He said, ‘Know what? I think that’s maybe why you started off slow, man. You didn’t get the nipple tweak in.’

“That’s exactly what I get,” added Evans. “I realized after the fight started that I didn’t do the nipple tweak. I was like, man, what’s going on? I lost my mojo.”

Superstitions are one of those things that people don’t take seriously … but kinda sorta really do. They lead to hockey players dipping their sticks in the toilet, presedential nominees carrying around a dozen ‘lucky items’, and so on and so on. It’s all well and good when you credit ‘good luck’ to that kinda stuff, but when you start blaming your crappy start on the lack of nipple rubbing….