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No Nick Diaz on CBS?

It sounds like Nick Diaz has pissed off enough people at Showtime that they’re not willing to give him another push on CBS. And as is his apparent lot in life, Jay Heiron’s career ends up as collateral damage:

He said the money was about the same between Strikeforce and the UFC but he chose to make a run at the Strikeforce welterweight title held by Nick Diaz. Then three problems arose, Diaz doesn’t give rat’s tukus about defending the title, Strikeforce or Hieron (0:40 mark):

“Diaz is [expletive] around. I don’t know what the kid’s doing,” told Cagewriter. “He’s trying to box and all of that. That’s the fight outside of the UFC that makes the most sense for a world title fight.”

Now Diaz’s unreliabilty has cost Hieron a shot at getting the fight on CBS on Nov. 7. There’s no doubt Strikeforce would’ve pushed Diaz-Hieron for the CBS card but Ken Hershman, Showtime’s Vice President of Sports Prgramming, made it clear before the Aug. 15 event that he can’t promote Diaz right now as a main event/main card fighter.

I don’t know how smart it is to keep Diaz off Strikeforce cards out of what basically sounds like spite, but then again the last thing Strikeforce needs is to explain on CBS why one of it’s title fights was canceled due to pot issues or weight issues or whatever issue would be the issue this time with Nick Diaz.