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No near-death Salmon losses for a while

Sean Salmon dropped by MMAJunkie to say happy new years to all the peeps there, and to say he’d be taking a break from active competition for a while:

On that note, I have re-evaluated my approach (and then re-evaluated it again and again) and will be taking off until I believe that I am a new fighter. I got in this game 25 months ago and fought 19 times, but I never gave myself a chance to improve. Honesty, I thought I was the next world champion. I have been humbled and can admit when things need to be fixed, and that is what we are doing here. I am taking the time to fix everything — even the things that I always believed I was best at. The next time you see me in a cage, I will be the best version of me that I can present. And for the people that really care, my health will always come first, so relax.

Here’s hoping Salmon doesn’t do any wrestling training for a few months and ends up in Thailand or something. There seems to be so many guys who get stuck training the same shit all the time instead of working on new skills or integrating new skills into their existing skillsets. Matt Hughes and Rich Franklin come to mind. On the other end of the spectrum is Jens Pulver, who worked his ass off to develop his submission skills and applied a killer standing anaconda choke against Cub Swanson in his last fight.

Also on Sean’s to do list should be some lessons on how not to look like you’ve died every time you lose. I dunno where they train you in stuff like that, but it certainly would be useful for him.

  • “and applied a killer standing anaconda choke”

    Once and for all, that was a guillotine with an anaconda grip. An anaconda choke traps the arm and the head and is only finished with a gator roll.


  • Accomando says:

    “…Also on Sean’s to do list should be some lessons on how not to look like you’ve died every time you lose…”

    Funniest and truest thing I have read all year.

  • pauli says:

    just cause the man knows how to leave *everything* out on the mat…

  • Accomando says:

    “…And for the people that really care, my health will always come first, so relax…”

    Salmom added….

    “..Yeah, just relax everyone, if I don’t care about my life, why should you?…”

  • MMA Fever says:

    I like Smoked Salmon. Always did and always will.

    He makes the best MMA knockout videos so I hope he’ll be back soon to test the springs under the canvass again.

  • Accomando says:

    I have seen that Rashad kick to the Salmon’s gills about 1,000 times due to the amount of play that kick gets in every Ad of UFC’s self promotion on Spike

  • fightfan says:

    Sean, in one year, has accomplished more than ANY other fighter in ANY promotion did in an entire career!!!

    He ended up on the wrong end of more devastating, near life ending highlight reels than people that have been doing it for their entire career(10-15 years)…………………..And he did it all in a year!!! WTG!!!

  • fightfan says:

    POST 5 ……My exact thinking

    Cant wait to see him add more videos to world’s deadliest KO’s!!!

  • fightfan says:

    Sorry for all the posts, but I didnt see #1

    BTW…….WHO CARES!!! It was basically Jens attempting(and almost succeeding) to literally rip Cub’s head off his shoulders……from the feet, then the ground, then twisting as Cub taps before his neck breaks.

    It was cool watching it no matter what the exact choke is called.

  • cyphron says:

    The problem with Salmon is he’s a stupid fighter. Just like Guillard. They both got talent but no fighter instinct. The two of them should fight each other. Guillard will offer Salmon his head to choke, while Salmon will dive head first into Guillard’s kick.

  • vess says:

    Nothing like getting bitch slapped a couple of times, to knock some sense into a fighter.

    He is a walking billboard for Best Knockouts of the Century.