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No more wussy Torres

Miguel Torres is set to return after a two fight skid on September 30th against WEC gatekeeper Charlie Valencia, and aside from being “one angry Mexican”, he also says he’s going to return to his wild, aggro style:

“The fight with Bowles, I ended up getting caught,” Torres said. “But a lot of doubts started creeping into my mind that maybe I am too open, maybe I am too aggressive, maybe I am too crazy. So I tried to revert to a different style that wasn’t mine. That whole training camp (for Benavidez), I was training for a fight that wasn’t my style. And it was just frustrating because my style is to come forward. My style is to press my opponent. My style is to strike from any direction. The whole time against Benavidez, I was going back on purpose.”

“I’m really frustrated, not just with my performance (against Benavidez), but with myself in general in holding back and not fighting my last fight,” Torres said. “My last fight really made me angry. Every second I didn’t attack, I let my opponent’s confidence grow. And it was very frustrating to watch that fight because I didn’t fight. The Bowles fight, at least I went for it. I hurt him, I chased him, I got caught. I went for it, I got caught. The Benavidez fight, I didn’t do (crap). I did not do one thing.”

I’m not too sure the best way to break a losing streak is to purposefully get MORE reckless rather than less. But on the other hand, a big problem with coaches is that they often take interesting and exciting fighters and grind down their edges until they’re as sharp as a spoon. On paper making a guy less crazy and more technical might seem like a good idea, but messing with a guy’s fighting style is a good way of basically neutering them like an animal. Sure they kinda seem the same but there’s something dead in those eyes and they just don’t give the same performances they did back when they had their balls.