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No more penis sheath advertising

It looks like Condom Depot is no longer considered classy enough to sponsor Zuffa fighters. They’re the latest company to be banned from advertising in the octagon. Here’s Condom Depot rep Jennifer Amato’s pissy email regarding the situation:

Dana White Took Food From The Mouths of Our Sponsored Fighters Just In Time For Christmas! Sorry Spencer, Josh, Gabe, Jake and everyone else…
We have been notified that we have been Banned From the UFC and WEC!
We have provided fighters 100’s of thousands of dollars DIRECTLY over the last 2 years but can no longer do so! Not to mention word came down during AIDS awareness month!!
UFC a Classy Organization runned by an even Classier Guy.

I think we’ve all had a laugh or two at the irony of fighters having advertisements for condoms slapped on their ass, but in the end are we really so prudish or stuck up to say that condom advertising is beneath us? The sport is full of young guys who like to fuck. It sounds like a match made in heaven to me. I’m sure Jake will be sad to hear this … he became a Condom Depot customer specifically because hey, if you’re gonna buy condoms (and considering the skankier elements of this scene, you should be buying them in bulk) why not buy them from a company that supports MMA?