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No more Feijao on TV

Poor Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante. We spent all this time attacking Kevin Randleman for ducking him, and we never even stopped to think about what happened to Feijao’s fight on June 6th. Well here’s the conclusion: He went from fighting Babalu for the Strikeforce light heavyweight belt to getting ducked by Randleman to fighting Jared Hamman on the PRELIM portion of the card. Yep, from getting a shot at the belt to fighting in a dark match, all in the span of just over a week.

The extra shitty thing about all this is that at best we’re being denied the chance to see Feijao knock Jared Hamman’s block off and at worst the fight turns into a nice war. I don’t think Hamman can win, but at 10-1 with no fights leaving the second round you can guarantee the fight will be exciting.

I know I’ve been shitting on Strikeforce a lot lately, which isn’t all that fair since most of the decisions they make aren’t all that dumb. But why they would take a prospect like Feijao that they just set up for a title shot and stick him on the preliminary card is beyond me. There’s something called “Developing new stars” that Strikeforce might wanna look into. This isn’t how it’s done.