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No loose lips from Mark Cuban

It was naive of me to think he would, but I was kinda hoping Mark Cuban might give us some tantalizing insight into the UFC’s financial situation now that he became a Zuffa bondholder by buying up a buttload of their debt from a third party source. But unfortunately ‘laws’ and ‘regulations’ keep him from doing that, so when Ariel the little merMMAn (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist at least once … high school must have been hell, dog) asked about it, Cuban kept his mouth shut:

Is it true that you are now a Zuffa bondholder? If so, how did that come about?
It’s true. it was a good investment opportunity to take a significant position.

Are you free to elaborate on that position?
No. I’m not going to disclose any numbers.

Well that’s no fun at all.