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No Gina Carano in Playboy

A little bit of news about non-news, specifically Gina Carano NOT getting naked for Playboy:

Gina Carano — the hottest thing to happen to female MMA fighting since the scissor lock — has been propositioned by Playboy to appear in her very own knockout spread … but don’t expect to see Gina naked any time soon.

Sources close to Carano tell us Playboy has knocked on the fighter’s door “multiple times” over the past year, but the fighter has shot down their offers so quickly that “it never even reached to a point where we would talk about money.”

So the closest we’ve got so far are those pics from Gina’s weigh-in towel malfunction and the rumor of naughty shots held by her douchebag ex Kit Kope. Anyone down for a home invasion / robbery gone horribly wrong?

(pic by Esther Lin)