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No Forrest for a long time

I hate quoting the Sun because they have the integrity of a crack addicted whore, but this news about Forrest Griffin seems like pretty important information that you guys would like to know. Just be aware that there’s a 15% chance that Forrest will pop up in the next day or two calling it total bullshit:

FORREST GRIFFIN could be sidelined for the rest of the year after sources revealed his hand injury is worse than first feared.

The former light heavyweight champion broke his fist during his unsuccessful title defence against Rashad Evans last month and has since had pins inserted into his hand to help the healing process.

Griffin was originally set to be out of action until May but industry insiders told SunSport he will not be back inside the Octagon until Autumn at the earliest.

This isn’t the first time Mr Glasshands has bunged up his stupid glass hands. He busted one up against Quinton Jackson, which kept him out of the cage until his followup fight with Rashad Evans. And now Griffin is starting to get Fedor-like with his consistant longterm hand injuries. Maybe he needs to drink more milk or get someone new to tape his hands?