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No Fightlinker = shitty morning, huh?

Hey everyone, sorry for the blog silence – my interwebs have been down so I’ve been stuck here without any MMA news or new pornography. Trust me, it was much worse for me than it was for you. But after sacrificing a goat to the ethernet gods, my webs are back up and all IPs are go! We now return to your regularly scheduled blather. Yeehaw!

  • kentyman says:

    No Fightlinker + being sick = worse.

    Then again, this is the second day in a row I’ve just worked from home because of it.

  • Captain says:

    Well in that case I hope you spent all morning training for your fight with Caplan instead of watching porn DVDs and eating cookies.

  • I just got the all clear to return to training this morning. I’m hitting the gym in a few hours. I’m fucking hyped. I hope I’m still under 210

  • Captain says:

    Oh shit. I didn’t get the whole story on the backdoor issues so I didn’t know you were still laid up. Good luck with the workout.

    Fyi, if you don’t be Caplan I am never coming to your site again.