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No Fedor in the UFC for a while

We haven’t been paying much attention to interviews with Fedor and his managers lately because it’s the same old shit said in slightly different ways. But if you were hoping that maybe they had softened their views on joining the UFC, I have bad news for you. Here’s a new interview with Fedor:

-Now that Randy Couture is back in the UFC it looks like that is where this fight will have to take place if it going to happen in the next year. Would you consider signing a UFC contract that wouldn’t allow you to fight in Sambo competitions or with any other organizations?

I will never feel free in the UFC. This way of working does not fit me. I don’t need to be owned by an American fight promotion that has only America in mind. The UFC owns their fighters, so they would interfere in a long relation between me and Sambo, the game and the people. If I want to make a Sambo fight it should be possible.

-What exactly are your conditions to sign with the UFC and do you think it realistically has a chance of happening?

As I Said before I don’t want to be owned by UFC, so it must be a non-exclusive contract. I still want to compete in Sambo and they have to make good arrangements with M-1. It can be possible, but then the UFC has to open the door. My management has had several meetings with the UFC lately.

So long as Fedor keeps banging the drum for a non-exclusive contract, we’ll never see him in the UFC. Personally, I don’t think it will happen because Fedor’s management don’t want it to happen. They’re perfectly happy dealing with Japan and whatever new sucker promotion comes along that’s willing to go broke booking him.