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No DREAM for you, fanboy!


Here’s a deep philosophical question: If an MMA event happens in Japan and no one can watch it on TV, does that sound shitty to you? It certainly does to me.

Strong rumors are indicating that HDNet will be broadcasting the Fight for Japan event on a delayed broadcast.  No time frame has been mentioned, however, it is safe to say the event will NOT be broadcast live.

Fight for Japan takes place on May 29th in Saitama, Japan.  The event features a bantamweight grand prix and several other fights and will be the first offering of 2011 for Dream.

As of right now, no TV deal is in place for Japan, making it almost impossible to view this event live, aside from being there live.

And here I was looking forward to staying up til 8AM next weekend for DREAM chat fun. I guess it doesn’t really matter since I’ll probably be Raptured up to Heaven this Saturday anyways. Y’all can enjoy the delayed broadcast in your lake of fire, sinners.