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No disrespect, but I’m better.

If there’s one thing that Jeff Curran doesn’t want to be, it’s another anonymous challenger for Miguel Torres’ belt … so he’s already kicking up a bit of a storm, calling out Torres at a recent C3 event in Miguel’s hometown of Indiana. That started the pot stirring, but the Big Frog wasn’t done there. Here’s more beef care of Five Ounces of Pain:

“-The bottom line is that he fought a lot of guys in the bulk of his career that never really continued on to be fighters and never were really fighters in the first place,” he said. “He’s beat some good guys and he’s good, but let’s not think that he’s out of my league. If anybody thinks he’s out of my league, they are out of their mind. When he was fighting guys who were 0-2, I was in the UFC fighting Matt Serra on nine days notice even though he completely outweighed me. He couldn’t finish me off, he couldn’t submit me, and he couldn’t overpower me. And that was when my game was half of what it is now-“

“A week later his agent called my agent and started bitching about me calling and bothering Miguel and stuff and that Miguel is too good to fight me. I sort of got thinking that maybe all of this fame has gotten to Miguel’s head and that he doesn’t remember he doesn’t have as good of a shot of beating me as he thinks.”

There’s a bunch more stuff in there; MMA Math abounds in Curran’s scientific conclusion that he’d kick Torres’ ass. I’m more on the doubting side … my Jeff Curran theorum looks like this:

(Faber x Loss x Dominated) + (Brown x Loss x Unimpressive) + (Ledbetter x Win x Unimpressive) != Miguel Awesome Torres

I’m sure he’s done some great stuff against a lot of good fighters. But thus far he just hasn’t looked very good at all in the WEC. Still, the more Curran stirs things up, the better. He certainly has a chance at winning, and there’s nothing like a bit of smack to hype a good fight into a great one.