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No deal, no Tito at Affliction 2

Ariel Helwani had a chat with Affliction COO Michael Cohen about the Tito situation, from Tito’s reportedly retarded price tag to the rumors that Tito is in talks with the UFC again. The summation of the whole interview is this: Cohen tries his best to be respectful but the deal Tito asked for is fucking retarded and it’s fucking retarded that Tito is back in talks with the UFC considering how they’ve treated Tito.

I’d say at this point the shine that Tito had coming out of the UFC is gone. A lot of us were looking at him as a white knight for whichever promotion managed to land him, but now it’s becoming pretty obvious that Tito wants so much that it’s a case of one step forward and two steps back for whoever signs him.

So now we’ve got Affliction limping into their second show with no Fedor and no Tito. But hey, they’ve got a senile limping Ozzy Ozbourne! You get the feeling that by the time Tito realizes he’s being a moron, the two most viable promotions are gonna be too fucked to be able to afford a more realistic deal.