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No Dana White reality show

For someone who’s apparently planning on taking a step away from the spotlight, Dana doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere fast. Perhaps this is just the tail end of his “Apologize to GLAAD” tour, but I suspect that he’s still gonna be around quite a bit. He’s a PROMOTER, he kinda needs to promote since that’s his job. If he doesn’t do it, who will? Considering what a control freak he is, I doubt he’ll allow anyone to take over that role.

Regardless, here he is on the MMAsh talking about why he killed a proposed Dana White reality show as part of his ‘getting out of the public eye’ plan:

White expressed that having cameras on him constantly just isn’t a good idea.

“It’s too much, man,” he began. “It’s way too much. You see the video blog. It follows me all day (and) all night. We actually shot the pilot for American Promoter. We already shot that. That’s worse than the blog. They’ve got a full camera crew; boom guy; (and) a couple producers surrounding me all day and all night. This incident that happened, it’s just, I’m like ‘no way, it’s too much.’… I’m going to be me. Me being me, I’m going to be me and I just don’t need that 24/7.”

As user Pulp aptly mentioned in the 5 Ounces comments: “Does that mean he now has empathy for the guys who lose it mentally on TUF?”

Stick a camera in the face of anyone all the time, and you’re going to catch them doing a bunch of shit that makes them look like assholes and morons. What’s funny is that this incident wasn’t even caused by drama-hungry producers throwing Dana to the wolves: he literally did it to himself because he lives in this crazy bubble where he thinks he can say and do whatever the fuck he wants. Which is fine … until you start to act like a freakin’ maniac.