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No chunks of the UFC for sale after all

Well fuck. I just finished setting up a deal to get $99,768,323.43 from my Nigerian friend DR JOHNSON EMMANUEL to buy a stake in the UFC, and now I hear this shit from Dana White:

“We’re not interested in selling a piece of this to anybody. Me, Frank and Lorenzo are the three owners. We have an awesome relationship. Everything runs smoothly. It’s perfect. And for us to even offer somebody a piece, it would be the biggest compliment in [expletive] history because they’d have to be a serious strategic partner. It’s the only [expletive] way we’d do it.

“Why would we do that?” White asked rhetorically. “We have this incredibly successful business. We know exactly where we want to go with it. And the only way we would do this, if we did sell a piece of it, it would be with some serious, serious player, a big-time strategic partner. That’s it. So the thing was really taken out of context because the guy was pushing me and pushing me and pushing me about, ‘What do you mean? You’d never sell it? You’d never go public? How about a piece? Would you sell a little piece?’ The guy kept pushing me, you know what I mean, and that was my [expletive] answer.”

Man, it’s not fun when someone misrepresents a situation in the press, is it Dana?