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The no-answer show

Scott Coker was on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour this week and he managed to not answer almost every single question Ariel asked him about what’s going on past August.

Will you be doing a one night tournament? “That’s the plan but it hasn’t been finalized.”
Is it 4 or 8 man? “Has not been finalized.”
Who’s in the tournament? “We’ll probably have an answer in a week.”
Will Werdum be fighting Overeem or Fedor next? “I’m not sure who he’ll be fighting next”
When will Overeem be fighting next? “It hasn’t been determined, we’re still having a dialog with M-1”
Any chance of Fedor vs Overeem? “Not this year.”
Is Nick Diaz’s next fight against Mayhem Miller? “It hasn’t been determined.”
When is Cyborg fighting again? “End of the year / beginning of January.” (ooh, he answered one!)
What about Gina Carano? “In the next two months we’ll have a conversation with her.”
Will the October card be on CBS? “There’s nothing determined.”
Are you considering signing Dave Batista? “Absolutely”
Would you do Batista vs Lashley? “Sure, why not?”
Did you sign Paul Daley? “I’m not sure where they’re at but I don’t think he’s signed yet.”

So there you go, he’s not sure if they signed Paul Daley or not but one thing he knows is that he’s still really hot for Lashley vs Batista (aka when MMA jumps the shark). Now to be fair, Scott was probably expecting a few more questions relating to the great 4-woman tournament going down on this Friday’s Challengers card (which they talk about later in the full interview). Plus he’s got to work around all the bullshit that Showtime, M-1, and fighters always seem to throw in his way to slow him down. But still … that middleweight tournament thing … it’s been bouncing around development hell since June. Wassup, Snailforce?