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No Anderson Silva at UFC 108?

A month and a half ago, we informed you that Anderson Silva needed elbow surgery. Well, you’ll be happy to know that he finally got it done last week. The bad news: now he might not be able to fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 108, which was supposed to be the UFC’s big Ultimate Ultimate event but is currently looking like it barely deserves one Ultimate, let alone two strung together.

Now let’s make something clear: there’s nothing wrong with being injured or rehabbing injuries. But there IS something wrong with using this kind of shit as another bargaining chip to try and force the UFC to do what you want. I don’t know if Anderson Silva and his manager Ed Soares have meant to do that, but if it wasn’t on purpose then they might wanna dust up on their PR because that’s what it’s looked like they’ve been doing all fucking year, and we’re all goddamn sick of it.

Here’s Soares talking about why he thinks the Vitor Belfort fight is no good:

Second, Silva and Soares believe Belfort doesn’t deserve a title shot. Soares expressed their misgivings in a conversation with White prior to Silva’s appearance Monday evening, though he failed to sway White.

“We’ll just agree to disagree,” said Soares.

Silva, who wore a small bandage on his right elbow backstage at the event, said he didn’t have anything to say about his proposed opponent.

Soares maintains a title eliminator between Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson is the most logical idea for Silva’s next contender, given their recent victories and Henderson’s 2007 win over Belfort in PRIDE Fighting Championships. He first pitched the idea to White following UFC 102 in August, but White did not commit.

Instead, Belfort, who in September returned to the UFC fold after four years in other promotions, jumped to the front of the line after decimating former middleweight champion Rich Franklin at UFC 103 in Dallas. The bout was contested at a catchweight of 195 pounds, though Belfort needed three attempts to reach 196 pounds, the maximum overage allowed by Texas’ athletic commission.

Soares believes Belfort’s weight issues may persist should his fighter accept the fight.

“Vitor has not fought in the UFC at 185 pounds,” he said. “Now, I know people can say Anderson fought for the belt after one fight, and that’s true, but he fought at 185 pounds. At 195 pounds, he didn’t make weight, at first. So he couldn’t make weight at 195 pounds, but now he’s going to fight for the title at 185 pounds?”

Have you ever heard of a fighter that’s more hands on with who he fights than Anderson Silva? I do ‘get it.’ He spent the last year defending his belt against a bunch of undeserving chumps and has already dealt with one of his challengers missing weight. If you look at the Vitor Belfort fight from a very specific angle, you can kinda see Silva’s points. But from every other angle, here’s how it looks: Belfort is a good challenge, he’s popular, and he’ll sell pay per views. So shut the fuck up and fight him, okay???