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No Anderson or Rich for a while

Big fights not happening is barely news anymore, but I thought I’d pass the latest on to you regarding Anderson Silva: ( has learned from sources close to the organization that a planned bout between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort will not take place on Feb. 6.

Silva had bone chips removed from his right elbow in October, and the joint has reportedly proved slow to heal.

Sources close to the situation informed that “The Spider” might not be ready to fight until April, though Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Another big name guy on the UFC roster who’s not available until spring is Rich Franklin, who’s decided that now is the perfect time for some R&R:

“I took the Belfort fight because Dana called and asked me, even though I wasn’t quite where I needed to be physically or mentally. Now, I’m not making excuses, that’s just the nature of the fight game,” he says. “But now I’m taking some time off and probably won’t fight again until April or May. I need to rest and relax and recover a little bit and I also hate prepping for a fight in the wintertime. Cincinnati can get pretty cold and I hate running and working out when the temperature is always zero.”

It’s not like we can really be too angy at Rich … the UFC has fucked his career momentum up pretty bad dicking him around at 195 pounds so I guess it kinda sorta makes sense for him to take a break and start fresh at 205 in 2010. Still, has no one noticed that we’re in the middle of this huge drought of top fighters? It seems to me like it should be all hands on deck time, but instead half the guys are taking breaks and having pesky maintenance surgery done. I’ll give those with staph, the flu, and poop leaking into their bodies a break, but past that the rest of everyone else can go fuck themselves for not fighting at our whim. I can’t wait until they’re all replaced by robots or cyborgs or something.