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No AffliXCion yet

While EliteXC has gotten it’s hands up Affliction’s shirt and is copping a righteous feel, reports of the two companies doing the dirty deed may be premature. Five Ounces contacted Affliction COO Michael Cohen, who corrected the report in USA Today with this nice bit of corp-speak:

“The question that was asked of me was ‘We understand that you have a Jan. 24 event that’s being planned as well. Will this event be aired on SHOWTIME or through CBS?’ My answer again to him was, ‘We’re certainly looking forward to a long-standing relationship or an ongoing relationship with CBS and SHOWTIME as well as Elite. But right now we’re concentrating on the Oct. 4 event and have not inked a deal for any future events.'”

It’s such a confusing time in a relationship … you’re both feeling eachother out and you don’t want to say anything that makes the other person think you’re a crazy stalker. Imagine Affliction’s embarassment if they scared EliteXC off with marriage talk when all EliteXC wanted was a wank you and thank you!