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Njokuani fights a hetero, fails

Anthony Njokuani turned into a joke this past spring when he went on a Twitter rant about Shane Roller. You see, Twitter, the retarded step-brother of a megaphone, gives us people avenues to complain about fighting and share pornography with one another. And god forbid you have an old VHS rip of an ADCC tournament because ol’ Tony thinks they are one and the same. Apparently, Njokuani likes MMA but thinks all that non-striking stuff is for fairies:

It never makes sense for a fighter to complain about his opponent not fighting to their own weakness for your benefit, but it happens pretty often. I’d estimate about 100% of those complaints come from strikers when they get out-grappled. You’ll never see Big Nog get on Twitter and read him going ‘Yeah, I would’ve beat Velasquez, but he wanted to be a fag and strike.’ This ridiculous machismo seems to only come from guys who fancy themselves to be MMA’s Mike Tyson (with the rapes and everything). And Njokuani is no exception. His story even blew Jamie Varner’s hilarious quotable out of the news cycle.

Well if Anthony hates grappling so much then why doesn’t he just stick to the striking sports? Oh, because he’d just get beat the hell up like he did last night:

So who is the big loser in all of this? Well, I wonder who. Oh, that’s right – it’s the guy who wanted his grappler opponent to strike with him and cried when he didn’t, then got his face caved in when someone did stand with him. Unlike some people believe, Fightlinker isn’t about saying the dumbest trash you can think of. This place was built on just shooting straight, and that’s what I’m doing here. I’m sure nobody cares about Anthony Njokuani enough to say he ruins their day by calling someone a fag, but we do get a few chuckles out of it. A lot of a few chuckles. Forever. I like the guy, but us fans are going to tell him and all other young(er) fighters the same thing: don’t say stuff that will come back and bite you in the taint. If you want people to think you’re the hard-ass G that you’d like to be, leave the whine at home with the cheese.

Also, we should eagerly await the Tweet from Njokuani confirming the non-homo of Maciej Jewtuszko for standing with him. Just saying.