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NJAC says no to Sylvia-Mercer

Someone call Ripley’s, because an athletic commission has actually done it’s job for once:

A boxing “superfight” of sorts between former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia and former WBO heavyweight boxing champion Ray Mercer has been struck from Adrenaline III on May 30 at the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, N.J.

Adrenaline promoter Monte Cox alerted of the change late Monday evening.

The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has refused to sanction the headlining bout, according to Commissioner Nick Lembo, though he declined to comment on the decision.

I’d be impressed, but let’s be honest here. It takes such a negligible amount of common sense to cancel this fight that if you’re gonna cheer Nick Lembo for doing that, you better cheer every time he makes a poop in the potty too.

Oh, extra scumbag points go to Monte Cox for saying he’s gonna try and find a commission sleazy enough to let this fight happen. What ever happened to the awesome Monte Cox, anyways?