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Nick Thompson vs Kung Fu

Iron Ring isn’t just annoying average MMA fans, it’s also pissing off a lot of fighters too. The root of this annoyance seems to come from guys like kung fu practitioner and Iron Ring trainer Novell G. Bell making retarded statements along the lines of “MMA sucks, kung fu is the best”.

Now I’ve never really spent much time caring what these guys think … I’m happy just waiting for the inevitable videos on Youtube to show up ” target=”_blank”>proving them wrong. But Nick “The Goat” Thompson has taken a more proactive stance, and wants to take on Novell with whatever ‘anti kung fu’ rules that exist taken out:

PC: I hear you have a message board war going on with Novell G. Bell from “Iron Ring”.

NT: Yeah. There has been some smack talk between the two of us.

PC: How did that start up?

NT: Apparently he posted that MMA wasn’t real and that MMA fighters would lose in a street fight to real kung fu practitioners or something like that. I obviously took offense to this and told him to put his money where his mouth was. That has yet to happen (laughing).

PC: Are you really willing to have a no-rules fight with him and put up a little wager?

NT: In a second. It would be the easiest money I would make this year. A hell of a lot easier than fighting Costa.

PC: How does a fight between Bell and Thompson turn out?

NT: Poorly if your last name is Bell. I’ll make him a deal. He was saying that kung fu artists don’t fight in the UFC because their Eagle Claw isn’t allowed because he can crush bones with it, or some nonsense like that, so I offered to make a deal. We can start the fight with him having his bone crushing grip locked on.

It’s kinda sad that traditional martial arts have fallen so far that mixed martial artists have absolutely zero fear in facing the best of the best in any given discipline. But that’s the evolution of fighting, and people have to roll with it or be crushed under it.

  • yaeh it is sad indeed, but its the natural course of things

    evolutin towards the best

    but when ima old fuck, i’ll prbably take up tai-chi
    and meditate myself to immortal uber kickassnesss

  • RL Dookiefuck says:


  • Did Keith Jardine wake up yet? says:

    Depends on what kind of Kung Fu style. I know Southern Mantis Kung Fu trains in some seriously disturbing stuff. I don’t know what this Novell guy trains in.

    I think a top Southern Mantis Kung Fu guy would win against Nick Thompson in a street fight with NO rules.

    For instance, they practice eye gouging, ripping muscles from the bone and other things that would never fly in a sanctioned MMA fight. Seriously though, the eye gouging thing would be the difference in a fight with no rules.

  • fears for his nuts you mean, those krav-magas ultimate killer move is grabbing the nuts and squeezin

  • Kalak says:

    So, these Southern Mantis guys plug each others eyes out four times a week at the gym?

    Of course they don´t. They never plugged anybodys eyes out. I bet they talk about it a lot, though.

    In said streetfight, they would have to rely on something they´ve never actually trained or done before. How does that usually play out?

    Sure, in theory eye gouging and eagle claws and what have we, have superior deadliness to a straight punch to the jaw or an armbar.
    But you can actually train a straight punch and an armbar, and guys like Nick Thompson have performed those techniques against a resisting opponent litterally thousands of times. It works. They can can actually do it.

    That´s why mundane systems like boxing and MMA are superior to fantasy systems like Kung-Fu.

  • JoshMan says:

    It’s a no-rules fight. MMA guy can do whatever he wants to. It would be severe beating for Kung-Fu man.

  • Did Keith Jardine wake up yet? says:

    Even if the eye gouging is only practiced (for obvious reasons) if you practice it enough, in the event an altercation takes place, you’ll have a pretty good shot at pulling it off, or out, as it would be.

  • JackalAss says:

    This Novell guys is about as far from the best as you could get. The only Kung-fu guys who would ever stand a chance against a full-time mixed martial artist does not have a name like Novell. This hypothetical kung-fu-er would be one of them real quiet monks who eat, sleep, live and breathe combat sanshou, and never leave the monastery, and would never degrade himself to fight for the entertainment of others.

    seems like all these hardcores kung-fu masters forgot that we saw what would happen when there’s no rules….jiujitsu ends up breaking limbs. If eye gouges were legal, well, it’s not like an MMA fighter cant use them….fuck the thai clinch, gimme the eye-clinch!

  • MarleyMarl says:

    Kung-fu is all for show, this guy has watched to many movies.

  • Wu Tang says:

    KU-FU is no match for MMA fighters. Because when you train in MMA, you train in all aspects of it, and the 4 great disiplins that comes with it; BJj, Boxing, Muah Thai and wrestling. All of these are suppose to render your opponent in a weak spot, so you can do highest possible damage. If you think that MMA fighters are just knowledgeable of what goes on in the cage/ring, your wrong. Poke of the eye, back of the head, groin shots, knee shots, are constant in MMA. So if you think that a certain style in KU FU will do well, your wrong. Videos proves it, all that is left is peoples distilled thought of their martial art and its fantasy. Trust me i know, i train and fought a few guys who did KU FU, and they lost badly, esp when i was side mounted on them.

  • kentyman says:

    I like to think of MMA as only 3 disciplines: striking, wrestling, and grappling.

    Singling out specific disciplines like Brazilian jiu-jitsu kinda bugs me.

    Otherwise, Wu is spot-on.