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Nick Diaz’s side of the story

Since Nick Diaz hasn’t addressed the whole World Jiu Jitsu Expo situation other than to ‘Like’ the video of Braulio Estima ripping him, it’s once again up to his coach Cesar Gracie to try and put the fires out caused by his student’s absence. The whole thing is worth a read, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

I discussed the idea with Nick Diaz and he readily agreed to enter in the black belt gi division. He did not seek any reimbursement. Junior thought it better for Nick to do a super fight as he thought this would be more of a spectacle and bring in more attention. Nick was not as enthusiastic but agreed on the condition that whoever was picked to go against him was not an mma fighter. He knew even a mediocre mma fighter would try to use a match and/or victory over him to further their career in mma.  Nick believes a reputation as a fighter should only be earned in a ring or cage.I relayed this to Junior and he agreed to arrange for a strict jiu-jitsu competitor.

A week or so later it was all over the Internet that Braulio had joined the “Blackzillians” and was training for an mma fight. We had been lied to. Furthermore it was evident that Nick’s sole condition that he not go against a wanna be mma guy was violated and this was in fact an attempt by Braulio to ignite an mma career.

Nick arrives in Long Beach to the news that there will be no weigh ins that night. As a professional with over 30 fights this was the final straw. The disrespect and total lack of professionalism given him convinced him he was at a circus not a professional event.

Nick is not without fault by any means. His lack of communication with his team and coach was inexcusable. This will be addressed privately.

Add in ousted Expo organizer Rilion Gracie’s warning that this Junior guy was ‘not to be trusted and would undoubtedly try to cheat me and Renzo’, and you start to see why Nick Diaz’s attitude to the whole situation was ‘F*ck these guys.’ Still, it’s hard to take the high ground when you’re nowhere to be found.