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Nick Diaz’s next opponent: ‘The Korean Icepick’

According to Cesar Gracie’s Graciefighter site, Nick Diaz’s next opponent has been chosen and it will be Jae Suk Lim, aka “The Korean Icepick”. That’s a pretty fucking sweet nickname, although I’m interested to know how a guy who probably doesn’t speak English landed such a sweet one.

The guy’s got a 9-3 record and was the SpiritMC middleweight champion, although we have yet to see how SpiritMC’s fighters stack up outside their own promotion. This fight with Nick Diaz should be a good test, although I think it’s also very dangerous for Diaz. Fighting a guy with only one fight outside of Korea means losing will make him look very bad, even if it turns out Lim is as awesome as his nickname. The shine has quickly come off Diaz since his dominating win over Takanori Gomi. Another loss and I don’t think anyone will be talking about him like the contender they were just a year ago.

  • Asa says:

    If you look back at interviews and fights from earlier in his career and compare them to now, its kinda sad. Lethargic fighting and speech. He sounds and fights like he’s burnt-out. Just too much pot for too long.

    Thankfully Nate seems a few years behind as far as speech patterns, and I’m not talking about his lisp.