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Nick Diaz’s lawyer speaks more truth to power

When it was revealed that Nick Diaz planned to appeal his marijuana suspension, a lot of people wondered what the point was. Not only were his chances of winning slim to none, wasn’t he also retiring or something? Well, now I’m starting to get excited. Because if Nick’s lawyer Ross Goodman is half as slick in real life as he appears to be on the internet, then Diaz might be instrumental in overturning the stupid way pot is dealt with by athletic bodies around the world. 

That may be a kumbaya pie in the sky justice prevails way of looking at things, but check out some Goodman quotes from Sherdog’s Rewind radio show and tell me this guy doesn’t have some good arguments:

The psychological and physiological effects of marijuana last upwards of six hours, but if you test within 24 hours or 48 hours, it can still show for the active ingredient of THC (formal name is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and that’s what sports agencies and regulatory commissions prohibit — marijuana “in-competition.” So a post-fight urine test could show for marijuana, the active ingredient, if you smoke it 24 hours before the fight.

So that’s an important distinction that I think everybody has to make, and, again, Nick Diaz didn’t test for marijuana, only marijuana metabolite and marijuana metabolite itself, it’s not prohibited, both in Nevada and by the world Anti-Doping Agency, which is the international organization that monitors and regulates sports competitions. Nick Diaz did not violate any rule by having an inactive metabolite in his post-fight urine test.

He’s also got answers in his back pocket for the ‘Nick Diaz lied on his commission paperwork’ accusation:
(the rest after the jump) 

For a prosecutorial agency — which is the AG’s office, where this statement came form — to come out when there’s a disciplinary hearing coming up and call somebody a liar is just outrageous, number one, and irresponsible, but more than that, it’s just wrong. But before I talk to you about that, I think it’s very indicative that they don’t come out and respond to these issues that we raised, talking about marijuana metabolite not being a prohibited substance. That’s the basis for this whole action that Nevada’s taking against Nick. Instead of responding to that, they’re now retreating back and trying to latch at anything to try and show that there should be a reason, a basis, to discipline Nick, and the response is quite simple: they’re wrong. Nick truthfully answered that question on that one-page, pre-printed form that’s given to fighters at the weigh-ins the day before the fight. I understand that the athletic commission now is in a difficult position because they can’t address the real issues that we raised, so they have to latch on to that, but the problem with that argument is that it’s contrary to federal law. The federal government doesn’t call medical marijuana “prescription medication.” The DEA doesn’t call medical marijuana “prescription medication.” The pharmacy board doesn’t. Doctors cannot prescribe medical marijuana. I mean, it just shows you that they’re so unfamiliar with the medical marijuana law to make a statement like that. So Nick truthfully answered the question. He didn’t take prescription medication.

So what do you think? Is Nick going to beat the NSAC or have they already made it clear that they consider him guilty? I’m of the opinion that pigs will fly before the NSAC lets Diaz off scot free. If he pulls it off, I’ll have to smoke a celebratory dube or six until flying pigs are the least of the hallucinations.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    i wasnt supposed to smoke weed while i was working because they couldnt tell if i was high at work r just that night, yeah stupid. I still got high

  • Jarman says:


    personally, i think they’ve already agreead behind closed doors he’s guilty, and as long as it stays within their jurisdiction, they’ll cockblock any logical expose of their inane policies. If Nick’s lawyer can take this over their heads though, to a court system that actually takes evidence into account, and has no interest in covering its ass from it’s own fuckups, then it sounds like this guy’ll get justice to prevail. In this case. I’m sure that fighters in the future that test positive for metabolites will still get screwed, cause they can’t afford someone like this dude……screwed unless the precedent is set, and the case law can be broadly applied to other cases. but that’s not likely to happen.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    50% of the population of my county either grow or sell weed… multi-billion dollar business.

  • thingvolds says:

    interesting stuff, i’m going to have to check out that episode of sherdog radio. i don’t know how much of a chance they have with the “metabolites not marijuana” strategy, but the fact is that the nsac has failed time and time again to get regulating mma right. from the judging, to some of the refereeing, to the irony of persecuting a medical marijuana smoker who happens to be one of the few guys in the ufc not on steroids; it’s a real mess.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    The NSAC will never admit they’re wrong. Bullshit as it may be, Nick is getting fined and suspended.

    Wonder if there’s any further action he can take after the NSAC hearing. Can he appeal it to a higher authority or is that it?

  • Letibleu says:

    if this was a trial he would have above median chances. its not and that sucks.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I dunno, I don’t get to sign an agreement saying that I will abide by all of this country’s laws, I just popped out a vajayjay on this particular mound of dirt.  He signed and agreed to be bound by their rules and take their punishment.

    He also flaunted his decision to try and cheat them.  Now he’s gotta take said punishment and even though I’m a devout Diaz fan I can’t be upset about that.  He’ll get some time off, get hungry for cash and punchification and we’ll see him back.

  • iamphoenix says:

    nick diaz got knocked out by chris lytle in UFC 3. Now what do you think about him?

  • Letibleu says:

    nick got knocked the fuck out only once, by a rapist. This fight was also one of the first footage of josh Rosenthal.


  • CAP says:

    ^Haven’t seen that in a while.

    I like this lawyer guy!