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Nick Diaz vs KJ Noons in Japan?

Nightmare of Battle has an interesting collection of stories that may add up to Diaz vs Noons happening in the land of the rising sun:

Dream pays Nick Diaz in full from his last bout in May. Diaz agrees to return to fight in Japan, however at this point it is unclear for which organization. – GracieFighter

A quite big Japanese MMA blog made a post today that KJ Noons, Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett, and Nick Diaz are going to SENGOKU and that KJ Noons will most likely debut on the New Years Event.

There’s a few small problems with (heh) NOB’s math, though. Most likely the ‘which organization’ stuff indicates that Nick will be fighting for either DREAM or K1 as part of their New Years Eve event. I can’t imagine DREAM paying off Diaz just so he can jump over to Sengoku. Besides, Nick Diaz and Krazy Horse don’t seem to fit the mold of fighter Sengoku goes for. They’re more into Olympic athletes and such, while Nick is best known for being stoned while beating up Takanori Gomi and Krazy Horse … well, he’s Krazy Horse. Enough said.

Still, wouldn’t it be fucking hilarious if a Japanese promotion ended up getting Diaz vs Noons 2?