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Is Nick Diaz Truly Retired?

Is Nick Diaz Truly Retired?

From the Department of Nick Diaz News:

This week British cyclops Michael Bisping threw Nick Diaz’s name out there as someone he wouldn’t mind fighting, and at yesterday’s pre-UFC 166 media scrum, UFC grand poobah Dana White gave the idea a hearty thumbs-up. But White, however, was like a cold splash of water to the face with his pragmatism.

“I love that fight. I love that fight,” White gushed. “I like it. But everything I hear from Nick Diaz is he doesn’t want to fight.”

If that’s actually the case and Diaz’s days in the cage are done, well, that would be a big pile of suck. Sure, Diaz has been scrapping professionally for over 12 years, which is about the upper limit of longevity for high-level fighters, but for the last five or so of those years he’s been both an undeniable badass and a certifiable nutjob – which makes for one hell of an interesting athlete. Are YOU willing to accept that he’s done?

Anyway, for the sake of nostalgia, here are some pics of Nick Diaz being Nick Diaz.


Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

  • glassjawsh says:

    for the sake of nostalgia, we should go back to the time when jim vagina wasn’t subjecting the jackals to the piles of baby puke he submits as entertainment.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    I don’t give a fuck about this faggot. His whole ‘Poor me poor me’ is fucking annoying. Whoever thought he wasn’t gonna get dryhumped by GSP is a fucking idiot.

  • MT says:

    Voice of reason you are a real tough guy. Nick would kick your ass like a prison bitch with lipstick. I have to laugh at the tough guys that use terms like “Faggot”, it typically means they have never been in a street, mat, or cage fight. VOR is an ignorant pussy. Nick is a legend.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    How ironic you’re talking like a tough guy to me and hating on tough guys, which I never pretended to be one, faggot (does that word really irritate you? Does it remind you of when you were bullied?) Do you enjoy Nick’s legendary ‘poor me’ attitude? Fuck off loser.