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Nick Diaz to fight some guy

You really start to understand the problem with multiple promotions when you see bookings like this. Nick Diaz is coming off of a 6 month suspension for reefer madness. Nick Diaz is also coming off of a dominant dismantling of Takanori Gomi. And now Nick Diaz is back in the ring on September 15th, facing … some dude. Who? Mike Aina. Who? Yeah, exactly.

The only explanation possible for this total bullshit matchup is that Mike Aina must be the most popular guy in Hawaii. If he’s not Hawaii’s equivalent of the Fonz; if he’s not the dude at the pig roast everyone high fives; if he isn’t some kind of celebrity out there … if he’s not all these things, I’m gonna be pissed.

But the truth of the matter is Mike ain’t none of that shit … he’s just a fighter with a tenuously similar style to Diaz’s. Sam Caplan wants to believe that’ll make for an entertaining fight, and I’m right there with him. But the truth of the matter is that THE FIGHT JUST DOESN’T MATTER. We all know how this is going to end, and even if it is a good fight, so what? Why is a fighter like Nick Diaz fighting nobodies at this point in his career? What is his manager thinking to allow this kind of matchup to happen? Is there really no one else at 160 pounds around right now to put Nick in the ring with?

At this point, Nick Diaz could really use a bit of Frank Trigg’s ego when it comes to picking fights. He might just see this as an easy paycheck, but when you’re a fighter you only get so much time to make that money before you’re old and busted. Wasting your time with fights like this is just stupid.

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  • Wu Tang says:

    Errr! I need my sadistic MMA Smack talk! Dont make me go to 411 and read the most retarded shit on pro wrestling! Right now that gets more action than the virgin who gets drunk on prom night! And no, i dont know what i just typed.

  • James Early says:

    If its MMA smack talk you want, I got all you can handle.. haha!

    whats with the site? get it fixed jeeez…

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    There haven’t been this many Swedes in one place since the Battle of Breitenfeld or maybe since that Swedish lesbian orgy movie I downloaded. Either way, lets get the site up or give us free porn.

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    Is the site broken?