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Nick Diaz thought Diego won???

It’s nice to know that Nick hasn’t let his recent disciplinary issues turn him off smoking brain-melting amounts of dope. Above is a screenshot courtesy of CagePotato from Nick’s rarely used twitter – tweets that were taken down an hour later (when reality set in? After an avalanche of dissenting mentions poured in?). Even Japanese scoring and judging wouldn’t have swung that match Sanchez’s way, although I gotta imagine that Nick Diaz’s criteria places major emphasis on aggression, cojones, and mean-muggingness.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    I get what he’s saying. He’s saying if that was a street fight…

  • Reverend Clint says:

    If it was a street fight ellenberger would have shot that taco muncher

  • noiseless says:

    dat spic shithead sanchez got popped like a mexican zit pinata.

    just kidding, love the wacky dude. but he should turn that “mean stare” and “granite chin” into “finishing fights by not losing to judges decision.”

  • YoungDonDraper says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty clear that Diaz judges fights based on who would have won if there weren’t round breaks and judging. People take his comments to mean “under the unified rules of MMA, I feel that this person won due to a combination of striking, grappling, aggression, and cage control” and that’s just clearly nonsense. Nick things of fighting as, well, fighting, and always has. When he says he won a fight it’s because he felt like he was beating the guy’s ass, he doesn’t give a shit what people looking at the punch count say.

    I don’t understand why this is so hard for the MMA media to figure out. Not everyone looks at the world the same way.

  • Oontyex says:

    agree with youngdondraper.
    its also the way alot of fans see the fights (to different degrees), seeing mma as the sport of fighting.
    Honestly, id love to see some rules get altered a bit, the rules that create very artificial situations away from that of a fight , e.g. the finger tips on the ground = cant kick/ knee the head , so the best defence to being kicked in the head is to touch your toes…

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    UFC: As Real As It Gets…without actually being a steet fight.


    On a side note, is Diego Sanchez the most accomplished fighter with the least amount of skills?

    I mean the guy just comes forward, he is tenacious and mentally tough but other than that what are his most dangerous skill sets other than cardio and durability/taking punishment?

    Remember what BJ did to him? Remember how Kampmann broke his hands disfiguring him and then somehow lost the fight?

    Diego is an anomaly.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    yeah good point… hes clay guida minus wrestling

  • CAP says:

    The hugless Guida.