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Nick Diaz signs sponsorship deal with StayPuft Marshmellows

LAS VEGAS NEVADA – Well-respected EliteXC fighter Nick Diaz and StayPuft, America’s favorite brand of Marshmellows, are proud to announce a strategic advertising partnership.

Reginald Wallace, Director of Marketing for StayPuft said “After seeing Nick Diaz’s inspiring performance at EliteXC Uprising, we knew we had to have Nick become the new face of Staypuft. His slow, soft, and fluffy striking represents Staypuft Marshmellows in a way no other mixed martial artist could.”

Limited edition bags of StayPuft Marshmellows will be released featuring a picture of Nick on the bag. As well, Nick will be appearing in several nationally syndicated commercial spots. Diaz is excited to be the face of StayPuft, and released this statement: “There is no better snack than StayPuft Marshmellows to win a close decision against the munchies. After offering my opponent three rounds of soft and light punches, I will reward myself with some soft and light Staypuft Marshmellows!”

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    I can only assume this is a joke….

  • GonzoDamon says:

    I understand that this is a joke, in a way, but it is the only time that I have COMPLETELY disagreed with you, Ryan.

    Diaz’s punching style and effectiveness are VERY deceptive. Even the commentators were talking about his slow and seemingly “ineffective” hands. Diaz does indeed probe with lighter shots, but his power is very ellusive.

    Want my proof? Look at any one of his opponent’s faces, Mike Aina included. Sure, Nick was cut and it was a nice bleeder, but he and his brother have pronounced brows that make for easy cuttagery (it’s a word now, bitch!). You don’t see any real damage to Nick’s face besides that cut, though, do you.

    The funniest thing is that I can picture you now, probing the Internet for a good picture of Nick. Or maybe you were perusing people’s picture collections, which you seem to have an uncanny ability to find. Now, I can just imagine you finding that picture of Diaz holding up that bag of mini marshmallows. Cue your over-active imagination, always on the rails of acerbic wit and tom foolery.

    Hmmm….I call this one a flop. I guess it was your time, after all. You’ve had a pretty good run of knee-slappers….

    By the by: I don’t believe that Aina’s “knockdown” was a real one or any more of a point-worthy one than Diaz’s unbalancing act on Mike in the first round. Since the whole contention is based on round two and hinges on this knockdown, I don’t believe the fight was as close as most suggested.

    Aina just has a very heavy handed punching style, while surprisingly technical. His exchanges just appeared flashier, and thus more point-worthy, but Nick was really mixing it up on the inside.

    I definitely want to see more of Aina to determine if it was just Diaz’s ring rust (or something?) that made him look good or he really has the stuff. Another fight should tell…

    And I want to see Diaz fight a more well-known fighter. WHERE IS MY DIAZ VS. GOMI II, MR.SHAW? Surely, EliteXC can make this fight happen. I imagine that Gomi was rolling in the “I appear to be the only legitimate elite Japenese fighter” yen. Don’t get sand in your vag, I only mean that he was the only title holder (in Pride, the biggun) and the cute young Japanese girl wanted to sell him their “used” panties to take into battle…

  • marshal says:

    In the Gomi fight it was referred to as “Peppering”, not “Marshmallowing”.
    It makes for very exciting and fun matches with Diaz constantly in the pocket swinging.
    I’ve also heard that Robbie Lawler hates marshmallows.

  • TALC says:

    My favorite item yet! Although I missed the fight, I’m glad to see its most entertaining result.

  • just to clarify, here’s my real thoughts on the Diaz-Aina fight:
    1. It was a really dumb fight for Diaz to take. Anything short of a total domination was going to make him look bad.
    2. Diaz looked sleepy and unimpressive the whole fight. His punches lacked the power and intensity he normally puts in.
    3. That being said, he clearly won round 2 and 3. He came very close to finishing off Aina in both rounds, and Quadros was on crack with his judging, trying to put a takedown over total domination on the ground.

    In the end, I’m not trying to make any kind of eternal statement regarding Nick … I’m just cracking a joke.

  • ACanadianPotHead says:

    Your right fightlinker, his punches were soft, and he got lucky Aina didnt connect any harsh combos. Didnt like his boxing defense, his ground was descent, but not a great fight from Diaz

  • Thomas says:

    Nick Diaz’s boxing defense is underated. he like to utilize the strategy of blocking shots with his face just like titos girlfriend.

  • Thomas says:

    p.s. Dana white made me say it

  • o51r15 says:

    On the lighter side –I would so buy a bag of Nick Diaz MarshMellows!

  • kentyman says:

    A weak fight from Nick, but I noticed the same thing as GonzoDamon did about Vag’Aina’s face. It looked like he spent 3 rounds fighting this slapping machine (fast forward to 4:20 if you’re inpatient).

  • kentyman says:

    …as opposed to outpatient? Balls my typing sucks.

  • Kenny the Swede says:

    This probably seemed funnier when you were drunk.

  • shanaconda says:

    what about the copyright stayPuffed pillow choke, Nick hums a lullaby and it is nighty=nite

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    nice pic, you can see his weed box under the ash tray and candle-