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Nick Diaz put it down like a G

For those unaware of tonight’s events: Nick Diaz shut every one of his haters up. Shut them up right across their faces. Strikeforce was an exhilarating show with a glorious main event. Diaz beat Frank Shamrock like a rented mule. Or a mule for purchase. If there’s a livestock simile involved, Nick Diaz will beat it remorselessly. Frank will have a leather aftertaste in his mouth for the next two weeks. But the other result of the fight will last longer.

Nick extended his hand to Shamrock just seconds after Big John stopped the fight and audibly called him a legend before thanking him. He embraced Shamrock again after his post-fight interview and asked him to forgive all the things he said and did in reaction to Frank’s prodding. You may call him a punk for the ‘disrespectful’ hype he generates but you’re irrational if you don’t respect him as a fighter because the man eats sleeps and breathes MMA.

People will now look at Nick in the light he deserves to be seen in. Love him or hate him, he is the denotation of a fighter. There’s nobody who wants to melee more than him. He doesn’t do it for the fame – you don’t punch your opponent in a hospital when you have an I.V. in your arm to impress anyone –and he doesn’t do it for the money. He fights because it’s all he cares about. Shamrock made a crack about Diaz’ attire compared to his at a press conference a few weeks ago. I believe the quote was, “It’s called business casual, I guess you didn’t get the memo.” You know why he didn’t ‘get the memo’? It’s because he spends his time in a gym instead of an office. Too many guys are out there emailing their agents and planning after-parties while Nick is spending his time trying to get better at hurting people. He’s not asking The Rock for movie roles, he’s not surrounded with yes men and he has never neglected training in his life.

What happened in San Jose tonight was akin to a reawakening. No more pitter-patter jokes, no more weight foolery, no more questioning. The man has one (B.S.) loss in the last three years and he’s taken guys out from 160 to 180. Everyone was just witness to the beginning of the ascension to another peak in Nick’s career. Diaz’ ED209 bandwagon is about to get very, VERY full. I’m glad I don’t need to worry about a seat, being the driver and all.