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Nick Diaz proves his striking doesn’t suck

Last night, the secret behind Nick Diaz’s marshmallow punches became apparent: it doesn’t matter if you’re only tapping your opponent – if you tap them 200 times then it’s still gonna fuck them up.

While most of today’s stars look for the big knockout time they throw a punch, Diaz approaches it with the more traditional boxing style of wearing his opponent down with volume. The weakened fighter eventually gasses and then Diaz can unload the big shot. Frank Shamrock fell apart as Diaz launched 200 punches his way in less than nine minutes. Diaz says it all starts by being relentless in the gym:

“I just know these other MMA fighters aren’t putting in that work. And I know when they start (working against real boxers), they’re going to be really discouraged. That’s why they’re in and then they’re out. Like ‘oh yeah, I did that one time.'”

This should have been apparent after the Katsuya Inoue fight where he beat the dude up so bad his corner threw the towel in. But I figured Inoue must have just been a scrub, so the fight didn’t change my mind. I dunno if I’m ready to get all over Nick’s nuts after this Shamrock fight … I still have memories of KJ Noons threading Nick’s arms and smashing his face up. But I’m more than willing to admit now that his striking style is pretty effective. He lit Frank Shamrock up with it and took him out.

Of course, this style still isn’t going to be optimal against dudes who are better known for knocking you out in 10 shots, but it’s worth noting that Nick Diaz has only been stopped once on strikes, way back in 2002.

Do you think Strikeforce is going to try and set up a rematch betwen Lawler and Diaz now?