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Nick Diaz only ‘temporarily retired’, commissions look forward to taking more of his money in the future

Cesar Gracie talks about the future of MMA for his prize pupil Nick Diaz:

There’s retired and there’s retired. One day, you have a job and you retire, you’re retired. But Nick’s took young. I think the word can be used, how about temporarily retired? I think that would be a better thing about it; he’s temporarily retired.

It’s more like this: there are two types of people – those that throw around the word ‘retired’ at the drop of a hat like lil bitches (I’m looking at you, Randy!!) and those that understand what it actually means and don’t use it unless they’re really done with something. Forever. Fortunately, Nick Diaz is of the former sort.

In other Nick Diaz news, the NSAC has just revealed the exact amount of money they’re going to try and collect over Nick’s pot smoking: $79,500. That’s 30% of his $200,000 purse and 30% of a $65,000 bonus. That bonus is allegedly part of a $300,000 chunk of money the UFC threw at Nick to try and persuade him to actually show up for press conferences n stuff. Proving that even though the squeaky wheel sometimes gets kicked out of title fights, it also gets the grease too.

I dunno about you, but I find it hard to watch the NSAC roll out the red carpet for Alistair Overeem’s return and sign off on Chael Sonnen’s steroid use while at the same time railroading Nick Diaz for smoking weed. Taking nearly 80k out of a fighter’s pocket might be good for the commission (maybe the CSAC should look into that), but it doesn’t exactly seem fair. Nick Diaz earned that money. He’s being bent over on a technicality. A bunch of fat-ass government stooges are basically stealing his money. Where’s all you rah rah Tea Party maniacs screaming DON’T TREAD ON NICK?

Here’s hoping he puts that money to better use: paying his superstar lawyer to overturn these bullsh*t marijuana rules once and for all.

  • ButtHorn says:

    I wonder if he’ll come back as on a roll Diaz though.

    There was that extended skid were he got scooted out of the UFC and then beat to a pulp by an undersized KJ Noons.

    He’s hasn’t always had the momentum behind him that he just completely shit on.

    Hopefully he will.