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Nick Diaz might have blown it again

We’re less than a week away from the Cyborg / Carano event and the card is limping it’s way to the finish line looking like it got hacked up with a machete. There was already three title fight changes made and now it looks like the welterweight title bout between Nick Diaz and Jay Hieron might be toast because Nick Diaz skipped a drug test on Friday. Nick’s manager / trainer Cesar Gracie claims they had rescheduled the test for Monday in advance with the commission’s approval, but since nothing is ever straightforward with Nick OR the CSAC, the commission is denying this.

On top of all that, the CSAC is also saying that a Monday test may not be processed in time for the weigh-ins on Friday. Strikeforce has gotten involved and is promising to fly Diaz and his pee wherever they need to go in order to get the fight back on track, and hopefully that will clear up this retarded situation.

Nick has a long and stupid history with the CSAC … if it was a relationship it’d be the kind where someone ends up with genitals cut off in the middle of the night. They already pulled him from one card for even disclosing the fact that he smoked pot to control his ADHD, and then later bragged to the LA Times that he could pass a drug test regardless of how much skunk he smoked. This is all on top of a 6 month suspension he got from the Nevada commission for fighting Takanori Gomi while baked out of his mind.

So now we have to wait and see if Strikeforce can pull some strings and get Nick’s test processed in time, and then hope his urine isn’t drenched in THC.