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Nick Diaz literally pummels Scott Smith

Nick Diaz just wrecked Scott Smith on the feet, landing 207 of 397 punches in the fight. He was letting lose with 10 punch combos, hitting Smith from all angles while Smith desperately threw power punches that either missed or didn’t even phase Nick Diaz. The fight came halfway through the third round after Smith tried to take down Diaz, who climbed up on his back as easy as a 4 year old onto one of those 25 cent mall rides and sunk in a rear naked choke.

Nick Diaz didn’t seem to get too much credit for whupping Frank Shamrock and I get the feeling he’s not going to get much for beating Scott Smith. And to a degree I get it: Scott Smith has lots of heart but he’s still just a slugger. Still, it’s worth noting that Diaz has taken his wonky marshmellow punch style and turned it into something that works really well. You could ask how effective punches are when you hit a guy 200+ times and still need to put him away via a submission, but that’s ignoring the fact that Diaz effectively made Scott Smith quit. The ground was a fucking death zone for Scott yet he went for it anyways because that’s all he had left by the end.

Now I’m kinda hoping Robbie Lawler puts away Jake Shields so we can see a rematch between Diaz and Lawler for the interim middleweight belt.