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Nick Diaz isn’t fighting KJ Noons

At this point I feel like I’ve written myself into a corner. A few days ago I said that Nick Diaz didn’t deserve to face KJ Noons after missing weight by 9 points / starting a rukkus during the event. Now it turns out that Nick WON’T be facing KJ Noons. He’ll be facing … Thomas Denny. And wow … big surprise. I think that sucks too!

I’m not sure what would make me happy. Perhaps Diaz facing Mach Sakurai? And a cupcake? I could definitely use a cupcake. But the last thing my wide load ass needs is a cupcake, and the last thing we need to see instead of Diaz vs Sakurai is Diaz vs another scrub. The fucking guy spends all his time calling out everyone yet when it comes down to it, EliteXC has booked him against Mike Aina, KJ Noons, Jae Suk Lim and Muhsin Corbbrey. And now Thomas freaking Denny.

So here’s what I propose: EliteXC sets up a fight for Nick Diaz that isn’t a blatant setup for an eventual title shot. Maybe … I dunno … find someone who’ll be a real challenge for Nick. Sure, he’ll probably lose like he lost to KJ Noons (who was also supposed to be a slam dunk for Diaz), and it’ll probably fuck up all of EliteXC’s plans for him. But at least then everyone can look themselves in the mirror and say “This wasn’t manufactured or slanted at all.”

PS: If you are wondering “Why isn’t KJ Noons down for the fight on CBS?” then you should read this.

  • Zane says:

    FL, you are just a natural born hater when it comes to Diaz bros. It baffles me how u put the scuffle completely on him when it was KJ’s dad talking hella shit and they were the first to charge, Nate flipped him off, its fighting, its eliteXC, what do u expect? all the same u are all over KJ’s balls. Do u honestly think Nick requested a scrub? he makes it very clear he wants the rematch all the time so why fault him when he doesnt do any matchmaking. and to say he will probably lose a rematch is absolute gibberish. he calls those fools out because he wants to fight the best he doesnt wat muhsin corrbrey. for someone who takes pride in being the so called ‘bad-boy’ of MMA blogs i would think u wud at least have some respect for the dude. he doesnt back down from anyone, he has an amazing chin, he speaks his mind and doesnt live his life how he thinks other people want him too. he is a good dude. this site is slippin so much compared to like 7 moths ago when u were actually funny…….

  • garth says:

    zane, you didn’t read a god damn thing fightlinker’s written about noons. and most of this bullshit IS on diaz. you notice how it seems to follow him and his brother around? my mom has a saying: if you go through the day meeting nothing but assholes, maybe YOU’RE the asshole. i think this saying should come with a picture of Nick Diaz next to it.
    god forbid, someone may “put their mug” on him!

  • pauli says:

    that’d make an excellent motivational poster.

  • Rob says:

    I agree with everyone of your posts except for when bad mouth nick diaz.

    It could just be because I like diaz though

  • That’s usually how it works :-) Unless I’m linking to a ‘real’ news source, everything here is my opinion and people are very welcome to agree or disagree

  • Rob says:

    Oh sh** he responds to posts? Wow i feel like Nick Nolte finally responded back to my childhood letter

    Thanks fightlinker, making a dream come true one day at a time

    Side Bar : When are you gonna mention the new ufc merchandise agreement?

  • Omomatta says:

    Well Rob, from what I’ve heard Nick Nolte is a kind soul.

  • Omomatta says:

    And come on guys. Don’t you know how stressful it is to be stoned out of your mind and have people putting their mugs on you all of the time?

  • Hmm I wrote about the merchandising thing already in passing:

    I’ll be writing something about Josh Gross pulling the action figure deal apart later today as well

  • Rob says:

    oh okay i thought it was a new topic. i just literally heard about it yesterday and I havent visited fightlinker since the start of the puke bet with CP.

    I’ll go read that article and look for your new post when that comes out

  • Rob says:

    oh i read your article on it. I heard that fighters would no longer even be allowed to sell their own autographs.

    is that not true FL?

  • Just posted about it now … it does look pretty restrictive