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Nick Diaz interview!

Cage Potato managed to get through to Nick Diaz and snag an interview with him, the first as far as I can tell since his “It wasn’t my fault” tour following the whole kerfuffle with KJ Noons in Hawaii. As usual, Nick is the most interesting read in MMA. Here he:

  • claims the CSAC apologized for pulling him last time
  • says fighters should be allowed to do steroids if they want
  • calls American fans ‘coked out drunks’
  • talks about being stabbed in high school
  • says fighters should be paid 20 bucks an hour for training
  • plans on doing a Triathlon the day after his fight

And much much more. We throw a lot of shit Nick Diaz’ way just because he seems to fuck up so much. But it’s like my parents used to tell me on a regular basis: “We’re not mad at you. We’re just dissappointed. We still love you.” And while I’m sure Nick doubts that just like I used to, it really really is true, man. Just go out there, manage to get sanctioned, make weight, and fight like you did against Lawler and Gomi and half the welterweight badasses in the UFC.