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Nick Diaz implies Frank Shamrock was a bitch

While the Shamrock / Diaz fight has a decent amount of steam behind it, it’s nowhere near the boiling hype that Frank Shamrock managed to heat up in his bout against Phil Baroni. The whole situation feels like the time the UFC stuck Rampage and Forrest in as coaches of the Ultimate Fighter. On paper it should have been gangbusters, but in the end it just kinda fizzled.

Perhaps it’s because we expect trash talking out of both guys that we don’t really pay attention to what they’re saying. Honestly, after hearing Frank throw his brother under an entire fleet of buses, nothing he says shocks me any more. And Nick Diaz … well, he’s been getting headlines but for the wrong reason.

Still, over the past two days Nick has said a few inflammatory things which I probably should have posted about. Here’s the first from an interview with the MMA Fiend:

“He’s not a legend to me. Back in the day he was fighting fixed matches in Japan and supplementing himself with who knows what. Before that he was in a California Youth Prison for robbing houses. If that’s your idea of a legend you might want to reassess your thinking.”

And then during the weigh-ins Nick shouted “Why don’t you ask Frank about the faggot ass tattoo on the small of his back.” Yep, that’s right. Another f-bomb, although I doubt there’ll be much heat from that since it’s Nick freaking Diaz. If you want to go even further, remember that our current UFC heavyweight champ is also on record saying he doesn’t like them there gays either.

But the more interesting part about that comment was that Nick effectively brought Frank Shamrock’s time in jail up twice. When he pointed out Frank’s tattoo, he wasn’t just commenting on the feminine placement of his ink. The rumor going around is that Frank had a prison tattoo back there covered up, which implies that he was someone’s bitch in jail. Obviously that’s about as far from confirmed as you can get, but I just thought I’d give you some context on what Nick was yelling about.