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Nick Diaz gets paid just to show up

You can file this in the ‘Most Likely Not True But Pretty Interesting Speculation Anyways’ drawer next to Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC, Fedor fighting Daniel Cormier, and Jon Jones rawdogging the two chicks who were in his car that weren’t his wife when he crashed. ESPN’s Brett Okamoto got some details into how Nick Diaz’s pot smoking fine broke down, and there were some interesting payments in the mix:

Most likely, Nick will be fined 30 percent of $200k and $65k *bonus* … the order for that should come down within next two weeks.

The $65k bonus was not a fight night bonus. It was part of a $300k bonus Diaz received from the UFC for not missing 143 press conferences

According to Kizer, he was told Diaz lost PPV incentives after noshowing St. Pierre pc. The $300k bonus made up for those losses at 143.

The $300k bonus was supposedly made out for more than just attending press conferences, but that was the main crux acc. to Kizer.

So the UFC paid Nick Diaz a six figure salary for not blowing off press conferences? This could be the opportunity to update that old saying ‘The squeaky wheel gets the grease.’ While we still aren’t all riding greaseless hover bikes, I think ‘The unreliable fighter gets the big pay bonus’ has a nice 21st century sound to it.

Once again, I have my doubts as to the accuracy of this story. Maybe it’s only partially true. If the 300k was a part of PPV percentages held in a kind of ‘good behavior escrow’, then that’s not only reasonable but a damn smart move from the UFC. Diaz might not care about beauty pageants, but stacks of cash have ways of making people jump through hoops.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    65-300k just as a bonus to show up a conference? And this ass hat would complaing about not getting paid? I hope Nick Diaz contracts herpes from Gil.