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Nick Diaz drama? That’s unpossible!

Here’s a complicated story … Nick Diaz was announced as booked for DREAM.3 a few days ago. Now he’s off that card. Everything inbetween is a bit shady, with the EliteXC guys throwing their weight around and Nick’s management Cesar Gracie saying this:

“Gary Shaw is going to honor the agreement that one of his underlings made, even though they didn’t pass it by him,” said Diaz’s manager Cesar Gracie. “He would have never agreed to it. [That] is what he told me, because it was too close to June 14. Right now, the fight that’s in jeopardy is the June 14 Hawaii fight.”

But now it seems like EliteXC has won out, because Cesar has confirmed that Nick will now be fighting for EliteXC on June 14th, and NOT on the May 11th DREAM card. What interests me here is how they managed to pull that off, since Diaz’s contract has a clause restricting him from fighting 30 days before an event, but DREAM falls 34 days before June 14th.

If I was Nick Diaz, I’d be spazzing out like a motherfucker. 2008 is clearly not a good luck year for this dude.

  • Omomatta says:

    Nice title Ralph.

  • koolpaw says:

    WHHAAT? So Nick Diaz wont come to Japan???

    oh, its ok by me as long as Meyhem will come to fight

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    Sweet potatoe!!! Low blow is up!!!

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Shaw offered him extra pay I think. How Diaz in Japan perform is good question. Too bad. He could have many fights with excitement and no drugs testing. Many much marjijuana so Nick can take a lot more punishment to face according to Armando Garcia. Fuck commission. If Nick want to inject the marijuana I dont care, as long as hand speed get faster remember Hawaii fight that Nick almst losing

  • Mooooosu says:

    Pretty sick news. I would much rather see Diaz fight in DREAM.

    Hopefully he’ll make his way over to Japan eventually. And hopefully he doesn’t lose at the Hawaii show.

    The worst part of this news it that Diaz vs. Sakurai is definitely a no-go now….


  • Jersey Tomato says:

    I would have loved to see Nick fight in Japan (since I get HDNet programming) but EliteXC does have a legit concern. Diaz is a noted bleeder – anyone who saw the KJ Noons fight knows what I am talking about – and so they were just trying to ensure Diaz would be ready to perform come June 14. Nick bleeds so badly that he went to a plastic surgeon to remove scar tissue from his face. This work will hopefully result in him cutting less easily in the future. Can’t wait to see the doc’s work. Hopefully he did a good job and Nick wins his next fight. If not, the next time we see Nick Diaz will be as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Heck, his face can’t be messed up any worse that Priscilla’s, right???

  • lay-and-pound says:

    Any chance that Nick doesn’t want two fights so close together? His last two fights are causing people to question whether he can repeat that awesome performance he had against Gomi.

    So much is riding on how he looks in Hawaii. If he’s impressive he’ll probably get a shot against Noons or Edwards.

  • Yeah my bet is he got baited with a promise to rematch Noons in his next fight

  • Atom says:

    If I was Nick Diaz, I’d be spazzing out like a motherfucker

    Oh, because of your A.D.D.?

  • Jersey Tomato says:

    FL: If he gets that rematch, Nick sure as hell better get Noons on the ground. Standing and trading with KJ did not work out so well last time. Noons has very fast hands and his hooks were slicing up Nick like Zorro. Diaz enjoys a decided advantage on the ground. Too bad Nick does not follow Cesar’s instruction as well as his little bro’ Nate. Those pawing jabs are useless against a legit boxer like Noons.

  • JackalAss says:

    poor little stoner Nick. I feel for him, bigtime. His is a story of random fuckups, missed opportunities, close decisions, and outside the ring interference. He’s like a bizarro cindarella or something. Well, maybe not, but that’s all the effort I’m putting into that simile.

  • frickshun says:

    NJ Tomato–>that pawing jab is actually very effective for MMA (& actually works for a lot of boxers too). What is ineffective is his wrestling. Rather than get top position, he’s too content to pull guard. His fight against Noons has everyone thinking Noons is a stud. He just looked like crap. I see Yves Edwards taking that title away.

  • Yves has his ups and downs too. If Yves is off then Noons could take that fight too