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Nick Diaz did it to himself

There are two sides to every story, and it always burns me a little bit when I fall for one without hearing the other. In this case it’s with Nick Diaz vs the California State Athletic Commission … the whole reefer madness thing. Jackal Erin from MMACalifornia emailed CSAC head and general douch Armando Garcia regarding the whole thing and Armando replied with a very long and detailed email explaining why Diaz wasn’t licensed to fight, and it boils down to the fact that no medical card was ever shown proving Diaz was allowed to smoke weed, and since Diaz had “tested positive for marijuana and the nanogram level was the highest known in combative sports history”, that justified his decision.

There’s 1001 more general excuses from Armando on the details, and reading it is like being pecked to death by a tiny bird. The CSAC got a fishy call from EliteXC staff asking ‘hypothetical’ questions regarding fighters testing positive for pot and what would happen. His original assertation when being banned by Nevada was that he smoked recreationally, not for medical reasons. And Diaz, dummy that he is, was on Sherdog radio saying he doesn’t even believe ADHD (which he also claims is the reason he has to smoke pot) exists. The list goes on and on and on, and while none of it really stands on it’s own, it does get slightly more convincing after the 20th reason.

In the end, it really does look like Nick Diaz was trying to pull a fast one on the CSAC … trying to have his cake and eat it too. While I don’t agree with the CSAC for barring him from competition when he said he would test clean, I’m no longer going to pity Diaz as the pot martyr he makes himself out to be. Him and his people were just stupid in how they went about trying to get around the law.