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Nick Diaz comes in 2 Caranos over weight

For the third week in a row we have a high profile fight with one party not making weight. First there was Gina Carano, coming in 4.5 pounds over. Then there was Thiago Alves at 4 pounds over. Pretty bad huh? Well not as bad as Nick Diaz, who just came in 9 POUNDS OVER in his 160 pound fight against Muhsin Corbbrey. There’s a bit of confusion over the circumstances surrounding all this, with claims going around that Corbbrey didn’t make weight either and that a catch weight was agreed upon in advance.

That’s all contrary to the reports coming from people who were actually at the weigh-in, and from Corbbrey himself:

Actually, I was 2 lbs under (158) and after we agreed to the catch weight I drank a pedialite & weighed in with my wallet & cell in my pocket. It’s the commissions job to deal with him being over. It’s my job to make weight and fight. I was in camp for 10 weeks and barely got to see my wife and kid. I’m fighting.


I’m fucking blown away. I already used up all my most scathing insults for the wads that missed weight by 4 pounds, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to how I should react to a fighter coming in 9 pounds over. It’s just obscene. It’s a completely different fucking weight class!

As usual, you can see more awesome weigh-in pics courtesy of Esther Lin and Combat Lifestyle.

  • Ark says:

    To add to the outrage, both Gina and Nick fight in weight divisions created specifically for them. Fat tracksuit man claimed that it was cruel for fighters to fight in weight classes so different from their natural body weight and wanted a system similar to boxing with a weight division every few pounds.

    And now Nick weighs in at 170 (unified rules welterweight) and Gina will fight in EliteXC’s newest division of 145 (unified rules featherweight).

  • sajo says:

    “Update: Apparently, EliteXC is now saying that catch-weight was agreed upon before weigh-ins. Anyway it should be a great night of fights.”

  • sajo says:

    oh well, nick is retarded… he was fighting at Dream3 month ago in 170. He should stick to one weight class

  • crs says:

    If he can quickly cut weight with bad cases of the munchies (as he did prior to the Gomi fight), then that would be quite a talent.

  • koolpaw says:

    At least EliteXC invented new unit for weight instead of Metric system or Pound/ounce !!!

    1 Carano = 4.5 lbs = 2.04116567kg !!!

    “how much you weigh?”
    “oh fuck i got fat! i weigh like 35 caranos !”
    “damn u r FAT”

  • “I took a dump that had to weigh a Carano”

  • JoshMan says:

    And all along I’ve been using the Couric as my unit of weight measurement.

  • Higgz says:

    How many CARANOS does it take to make 1 STONE?

  • godzillad says:

    March 29th – Nick was supposed to fight at 170 after two shitty performances at 160
    May 11th – Nick kills himself to get back down to 170 after tons of false starts and cancellations
    June 13th – Nick can’t make 160
    July 14th – Nick is supposed to fight for a title at 170

    Fuck Gary Shaw.

  • catch says:

    I think there’s got to be some sort of major injury and he’s fighting anyway because he’s pissed about missing all the fights from the marijuana shit or something. Who knows though.

  • ajadoniz says:

    i had a dream randy couture was back and he was going to be in ufc 88.

  • 3.1 Caranos = 1 Stone

  • Alex says:

    God dammit you fat fucks, stop trying to cut weight all the time! Just aim for the actual weight class during training, that way you don’t have to spend all day on an excercise bike in a sauna

  • Dmitri says:

    Gary “The Grotesque” Shaw

  • thats definately one point were the UFC has the edge on EXC. The UFC’s guys know they’d better not dare be off weight or Dana’s gonna fuck them over harder than a virgin on prom night. Talk to Travis Lutter about that one.

    It seems like the top EXC guys, and gal, don’t even bother to be on weight because there’s no reprecussions. If they lose some of there purse theres always the under the table post-fight bonus money, which they’ll have a good shot at since they’ve got a weight advantage and their opponents are drained from cutting.

    There’s some serious integrity probelms going on with all that shit. I’ll never be convinced the Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes can constantly and consistantly make weight but people like Diaz and Carano can’t? That’s bullshit, it all comes down to will and respect, and anyone can obviously see who has it and who don’t.

    And you can’t force people who don’t care just to change on their own, so I think commissions need to impose potential suspensions for repeat off-weight offenders. Half of the professional fighters job is to come in in shape, and if you can’t do it then don’t sign a contract to do so.

  • MorethanUFC says:

    Damn, do you rip everything off from the UG? All of your romoshops are rippoffs, and the “carano” was posted at 8 am on the UG. Fucking Canadians.
    You are a ‘tard, dude.

  • godzillad says:

    ”There’s some serious integrity probelms going on with all that shit. I’ll never be convinced the Rich Franklin and Matt Hughes can constantly and consistantly make weight but people like Diaz and Carano can’t?”

    Name one other time in the past where Nick Diaz didn’t make weight. Don’t put the motherfucker on trial like that. It’s not like he missed weight because he’s lazy. He’s supposed to fight once a month and one of them is supposed to be at a weight class ten pounds lighter? Fuck that and Fuck Gary Shaw for asking him to go to 160 six months after he moved back to 170.

  • JackalAss says:

    You know, it seems to me that responsible fighters, who have a stable schedule (ie, fights that are signed, go through when they’re supposed to), factor in keeping on weight into their training regimen. Practice cuts down to weight, a special tailored weight program, whatever. You start jerkin them around, and they can’t make weight. I’m sure they all have special circumstances, but due to going and fighting in less structured organizations, they don’t have that stable ground to plan on.

    I just remember that in wrestling, if you didn’t make weight, you didn’t have a match.

  • godzillad says:

    Just remmeber that wrestling isn’t sold for $45 on Pay Per View, or hell, doesn’t even have main events.

  • well godzilla, if I’m not mistaken Diaz missed weight for his fight with Sherk back in the UFC aswell. That would be the reason for his inclusion in my assessment.

    And if I’m mistaken it really doesn’t matter, Diaz has been in this shit long enough to know better. He’s fought at a very high profile level for a very long time, he knows the routine by now. With that background, the incident of missing weight (and by alot) seems to reflect more as a deliberate decision than a miscalculational mistake.

    2 or 3 pounds, maybe you didn’t train right, but 9 pounds shows some obvious intent and is so blatently disrespectful to your opponent, your employer, and the sport its ridiculous.

    Look at guys like Franklin, Liddell, Hughes; they all cut a tremendous amount of weight and deliberately make sure not to miss weight. If they can do it, there’s no reason anyone eles can’t, providing they have the will to, and that seems to be the key in this situation.

    As far as the weight classes and Gary Shaw, nobody held a gun to Nick’s head. HE signed the contract willingly and full knowing what was expected of him. HE is therefore solely responsible for everything thats occurred.

    If he wants to fights every weekend and all over the place to make big coin, well then he better relize he needs to be more prepared and live up to his legally contractual obligations or eles quite money-whore promotions when you have no intention of fullfilling your committments to them.

  • godzillad says:

    I didn’t know it was you Amy, I’m sorry for my language.

    Diaz came in at 171.5 against Sherk. Not exactly something to get upset over. If you wanna take it that far then go after Fitch for coming in at 172 against Diego, Horn for coming in at 187 against Lindland, I could go on and on.

    Franklin isn’t fighting at 185, 185, and then fighting at 175 a month later and going back to 85 a month after that. The guy has four fights in four months, with the one smack dab in the middle being ten pounds lighter than the others. He knew he was going to 170 again after the loss to Noons and then EXC sprung this fight on him and expects him to make weight? Not everyone is built for that Amy. This isn’t him on his period or with a rolled ankle, this is a product of a negligent promoter with no value for anyone’s well being unless it makes him money, just look at Diego/Castillo 3 or any Gina Carano fight.

  • Joon4s says:

    “The guy has four fights in four months, with the one smack dab in the middle being ten pounds lighter than the others.”

    But he’s the motherfucker who signed to fight at 160. He could’ve said fuck that, it’s 170 or no fight. And being 9 pounds over means he hardly even tried to make weight.

  • godzillad says:

    ”But he’s the motherfucker who signed to fight at 160.”

    Gary Shaw is the motherfucker that gave him that contract, and then preceded to not reprimand him for being overweight.

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    Hey what do you know another weekend goes by and Fightlinker has nothing to say about any of the MMA that went on.

    Fightlinker is always on the case when it comes to hard hitting stories like Chuck proposing to his girlfriend so who cares if they don’t actually cover any fighting?

  • Lifer says:

    MMA takes a backseat to xbox 360! What do you think this is? Some kinda job/business?

  • Dr.Death says:

    I guess I’ll just go to cagepotatoe.

  • smoogleton says:

    lol, weak as usual

  • Did Ryan have to sleep out side again?

  • Gilbert says:

    Another weekend jam packed of solid MMA, and another absence of fightlinker. I wouldnt care if I didnt like this site so much… damn it!!

  • Charles says:

    “Fightlinker is always on the case when it comes to hard hitting stories like Chuck proposing to his girlfriend so who cares if they don’t actually cover any fighting?”

    Exactly. Step it up you lazy fucks.

  • fightfan says:

    I keep hearing people making excuses for Diaz….that he was “FORCED” to fight at 170 then a month later at 160????? His ego is so big, he thinks that he can beat anyone at 55,60, 70 or whatever. If I were his opponent, I wouldof told him to get back in the sauna and work, LIKE HE HAD TO, and if not, then, tough shit, no fight. MISSING an entire payday would straighten up this horseshit. It is POTHETIC, that once Nick realized and STATED publicly that he would have a hard time just getting to 164……HE TOTALLY GAVE UP and CUT NO MORE WEIGHT. Therefore he would have a big weight advantage and FEEL no ill effects of trying to cut weight!!! LAME!

    Who “FORCED” him to do that?? If he wants to get high by telling the State of CA that he is semi retarded and anxious, good for him.

    Fight at a weight class and stick to it, PERIOD. Nobody is forcing him to do anything. EliteXC has so LITTLE starpower, the few that people basically do whatever the fuck they want, knowing shaw’s not going to do dick about it

  • dubside says:

    Get on the ball with the posting already! Fuckers!

  • Rhett Moir says:

    love the site but I’m a little confused… The guys talk about leaving their jobs and making a living from the site. But how would they make any decent money from it?