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Nick Diaz can’t do shit

Jeez, Nick Diaz doesn’t seem to be allowed to do anything lately. Following his suspension several months ago for smoking the wacky tobacco, he hasn’t been allowed to fight anywhere or even corner his brother for the Ultimate Fighter 5 finale. Apparently it was a really big deal that Nick was even able to attend the show at all!

Now we can add yet another thing to the list of stuff Nick isn’t allowed to do: submission grappling.

The Professional Shooto Japan event, sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission, is required to comply with suspensions issued by the other Athletic Commissions, and in this case, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, who levied a six-month suspension to Diaz for a positive marijuana test at Pride 33 on February 24.

Jeez, I haven’t heard of anyone being punished this badly since I fed that bag of micro machines to the retard on our school bus. Of course, ‘punishment’ isn’t just a shitty brand of clothing. Apparently the word also means ‘to subject to pain, loss, confinement, etc., as a penalty for some offense’. Regardless of how dumb or legit the offense is, the whole point of a punishment is to piss Nick off. And perhaps if Nick’s parents had tried this ‘punishment’ thing on him and his little brother way back when, they wouldn’t have grown up to be such little jiu jitsu thugs.

  • Mr. Chris says:

    Dude that line about the micro machines was the funniest thing I have ever read in my life. I tried to read it over the phone to one of my friends but he hung up on me because I couldn’t spit it out without cracking up.

  • ajadoniz says:

    i personally liked ‘little jiu jitsu thugs’

  • Jonathan says:

    Don’t do the time if you can’t do the time.

  • matt says:

    Why so much hate? Apperantly Nick will be fighting Mike Aina? on Sept. 15th in Hawaii. At first, the story was a 1 year suspension, then I hear 6mos. Im not sure if the fights are sanctioned by the CSAC or his suspension will be up.

    Not to mention his win over Gomi being ruled a no-contest.. Nick is still a top teir fighter in my opinion and he will put this bullshit behind him and meet his goals..