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Nick Denis on getting KTFO

The Ninja of Love walks us through what it was like to get knocked out by Marlon Sandro at Sengoku 8:

“I’ve obviously never been knocked out before. I remember my corner saying, ‘Nick, it’s OK, the fight’s over.’ I was really confused, and they walked me out back to the doctor’s room. I heard that when you get knocked out, it feels like there’s cobwebs or something, and that’s exactly what it feels like. When I look back, coming back from the ring, it was like, slowly, cobwebs or clouds were being removed. So it took about five or 10 minutes, and finally, everything was there. I feel fine now, and I don’t really feel that hurt. I guess I’m going to get a headache pretty soon. How do I feel? It really sucks, you know, because I was so convinced that I had him figured out, and I didn’t get to showcase anything that I’ve been working on. So, it’s frustrating, but hopefully I’ll be back in Sengoku.” — Nick Denis’ on his fist knockout loss.

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