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Nice knowing you, Mike Patt

As if it’s a surprise to anyone, light heavyweight Mike Patt has been released from the UFC. I’d like to sound smart in saying that I called it, but anyone with half a brain could have guessed the ending to this one. Terry Schiavo would have been able to figure it out.

Let’s face it, Patt’s skill set just wasn’t up to UFC standards. While the Ohio native is a jiu-jitsu black belt, he was matched up with two heavy handed strikers in Tim Boetsch and Brandon Vera and simply couldn’t hold his own. He seems like a nice enough guy but that’s not going to cut it in an organization like the UFC. Hell, that won’t cut it in an organization like Burger King if you can’t operate the fryer correctly. What should “cut it” is about 20 pounds of body fat off of Patt’s physique. You don’t have to be a body builder to be successful in this sport (see: Emelianenko, Fedor) but if it looks like you’re idea of a “diet” is ordering a medium extra value meal instead of a large, chances are you’re not going to go all that far once you take a step up in competition.

Advice to Patt: drop the weight, improve your stand-up game, beat up some scrubs at local shows, and try again.