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Nice boobs, bro

Azusa Nishigaki wasn’t the only new and interesting pair of boobs to appear on our radar this weekend.  At Legacy Fighting Championships 10 in Houston, 3-3 middleweight Patrick Hutton rocked some impressive B-cups of his own.  Ms. Hutton seems to be afflicted with gynecomastia, which literally means “woman breast” but is usually called “bitch tits” by non-Greeks, and is common among bodybuilders due to the excess testosterone from steroids being converted to estrogen.  Or in layman’s terms, if you take a sh*tload of guy hormones to get jacked, your body might decide to convert some to girl hormones and give you itty-bitty-titties.

Oh, the human body has a real sense of humor sometimes, doesn’t it?  As do the other folks in the background of these photos.  Hutton himself, not so much… as seen in the next pic after the jump:

To be fair, it’s entirely possible that steroid abuse is not the cause of Hutton’s condition, as it could also be the result of natural hormone imbalances due to such things as hypogonadism (also known as “Chael Sonnen’s Disease”).  Kinda hard to give him the benefit of the doubt given his build though.

Regardless, his jugs did little to distract his opponent William “Bubba” Bush, who finished him with a north-south choke in the first round.  Meaning Bubba had to pretty much motorboat those things like Edward Norton in “Fight Club”.  But it was so worth it.

And speaking of boobs, I think I spot a potential replacement for Chandella.

(Props to Cage Doctors, and Letibleu/glassjawsh for the find)