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New York working hard to castrate MMA

While things might have magically gotten better in the White House yesterday, that doesn’t fix the fact that the government is still stacked from the bottom to very near the top with complete fucktards. Take assemblyman Bob Reilly for example, the dude who’s hellbent against MMA legislation in New York. He recently spoke up against the sport again, saying it’s mean and evil because you’re allowed to “sit on top of your opponent and repeatedly punch them in the head and face.” Cage Potato sums up the idiocy best:

You have to love Reilly’s almost child-like understanding of what goes on in an MMA bout.   Sitting on someone and punching them.   Yeah, that’s a nuanced perspective if you’re an eight-year-old and you only recognize the mount position as that thing your older brother does to you when he finds that you rifled through his stash of nudie magazines.   And this is the man trying his best to keep the sport out of the state of New York.

Adding to the hurdles MMA must make to occur in NY, we also have the tourism board considering a fee increase: from 3% of an event’s PPV sales an event’s gate to 10%. That might not seem like a lot, but when you’re dealing with millions of dollars, it’s pretty harsh. The UFC has already said that they won’t be hitting up Hawaii any time soon because of similar financial rapings written into it’s MMA bill. While Madison Square Garden might be too much of a lure to keep the company out of New York completely, you can pretty much kiss shows anywhere else in the state goodbye.