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New York still has a while to go

Bad news for those hoping that MMA would be legalized in New York before the State Senate closes shop until January 2010:

There are just fourteen days left in the current legislation session and the State Senate just imploded in a parliamentary debacle. Two Democrats (both under investigation) joined Republicans to declare a new majority and introduce legislation changing the leadership structure. One writer described it as a “coup d’etat” and said that it, “revealed Albany for the madhouse it has become, with the lunatics firmly in charge of the asylum.”

Getting MMA through the senate in two weeks would be challenge enough, but as it stands mixed martial arts still has two more committees to clear before it even hits the senate. To add to the despair, the UFC has pretty much booked itself up for the rest of the year, which tells me they weren’t expecting to beat the break even before the New York Senate power grab happened.