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New York could still get fucked up

Rob Joyner would like to remind you that even if MMA is legalized in New York, the government still has the ability to fuck the bill up so badly it makes throwing events there pretty much impossible:

Much is made of the tourist dollars and ancillary spending that are attached to putting on an event in the state but another way for the state of New York to realize revenue from MMA is to go the route of Nevada, by placing a tax on any PPV cards that take place in the state. Inserting such a tax could be a poison pill that could cause the UFC not run the state very often if at all.

There are also other fees and requirements that could chill the possibility of the UFC running in New York. Hawaii recently passed MMA legislation with similar provisos and was met with a statements from Dana White that it would be a long time before before the UFC held a card there as a result.

Yep, all it takes is one meddling legislator deciding that MMA is legal BUT all participants must wear neon pink headgear. Sure, it’s more likely they’ll sink the bill with a bunch of taxes but I just wanted to point out that no one really knows what’s going to happen. Get a camera crew out there asking tough questions about human cockfighting and you could see a bunch of spineless assembly members buckle under the pressure.